Finding Flags on a Website

Posted On: July 30 2023

Written by Julian Lopez

Recently, I came across a website that had hidden strings strewn about it. Because of a blog post I read, I managed to find one!

A while back, I was on a website that had a weird link near the bottom that was titled “Capture the Flag”. Clicking on it, directed me to a “secret” page that described how there were six hidden flags throughout the site with in format “GXYZ{***}”. If you managed to find a flag, you could have your name added to a “hall of fame” along with the number of flags you had found.

Coincidentally, earlier that day I had come across a blog post that had something to do with storing data within image files. On a hunch, I download an image of a flag that was on that page and opened it in Vim. To my pleasant surprise, at the end of the file there was a flag! Unfortunately I haven’t found any other flags yet, but I haven’t been trying that hard.

I won’t be linking to this website since it would be unfair as I’ve already detailed one of the flags. That being said, a quick web search (Bing in my case) will result in many similar challenges open to all.

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