How I Listen To Music

Posted On: October 26 2023

Written by Julian Lopez

When I was a Kid, I used to listen to music by downloading MP3 files of YouTube videos to my iPod. Over a decade later and not much has changed.

Growing up as a Kid I loved listening to anime music on my iPod. I started out by purchasing songs off of iTunes for $0.99, but there weren’t that many songs on there from shows that I liked. (In hindsight, they might have had them but with Japamese titles which I couldn’t read/search.) The one place I was able to easily find these songs was on YouTube so I used that as my source. I would grab the URLs I wanted and go visit some sketchy YoaTube to MP3 websites, import the MP3s into iTunes, then sync my iPod.

Over a decade later and the way I listen to my music has not fundamentally changed. I used Apple Music / Spotify for a while but the music selecton still wasn’t great for me especially for Video game soundtracks. YouTube Music was almost pertect but I had issues with certain tracks being removed and readded from listening availibilty. Thus I’ve stuck to transferring MP3s to my phone although I’ve made a few improvements on the overall process.

I have a bash script that a cron job runs periodically which syncs my YouTube playlists and the music on my server. This scipt also adds Album name metadata using eyeD3 which I have match the playlist titles. This way, I can easily sort the music in my Ilbrary without having to resort to creating playlists.

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